Juneki Hong

I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Oregon State University in 2022.

I was advised by David Hendrix and Liang Huang. We studied how algorithms paired with deep learning models (such as RNNs and Transformers) can predict structures from RNA and Protein sequences, as well as how they can encode syntax in human languages.

For my masters at CMU, I worked with Jaime Carbonell and Anatole Gershman to build a virtual assistant for self-driving cars, and I worked with Roni Rosenfeld on the Polly Telephone system, where I built and deployed telephone applications that spread messages about Ebola to people in affected West African countries.

I work with my undergrad advisor Jason Eisner on Transition-Based Dependency Parsing, trying to introduce backtracking to an Arc-Eager Transition-Based Dependency Parser.

I am generally interested in developing algorithms for Structured Prediction tasks in sequences.