1. "Linear-time Constituency Parsing with RNNs and Dynamic Programming," Juneki Hong and Liang Huang (2018).
    In ACL 2018
    Paper | Slides | Code]

  2. "Rapid Development of Public Health Education Systems in Low-Literacy Multilingual Environments: Combating Ebola Through Voice Messaging," Nikolas Wolfe*, Juneki Hong*, Ali Raza, Bhiksha Raj, and Roni Rosenfeld (2015).
    In SLaTE 2015
    Paper | Poster]

  3. "Deriving multi-headed projective dependency parses from link grammar parses," Juneki Hong and Jason Eisner (2014).
    In TLT 2014.
    Paper | Supplement | Poster | Slides | Bib ]

Working Papers

  1. "bpRNA-Fix. Using labels from secondary structure prediction programs to improve RNA base-pair prediction models," with David Hendrix. (To be submitted)

  2. "Deep Nussinov. Dynamic Programming for Deep Learning models in Computational Biology," with Liang Huang. (To be submitted)